Zoo On Yoo is an extremely fun and full line of hair and body care products for kids. They were created by the parents of young children who saw the need for something different. Our mission is to provide excellent personal customer service to our retail customers and our retailers.

We promise to always answer your questions in a friendly and timely manner. We also promise to provide you with high quality ingredients that are safe and gentle but also effective. You will always get salon quality products at a great value! We are constantly researching ingredients and striving to make the best products on the market. We are also always looking to make new and improved products that are unique for children.

Zoo On Yoo products are all tested by the owners and their three little ones, ages 5, 4 and 1 and used by stylists in children’s hair salons. They have never been tested on animals. In fact Zoo On Yoo is a cruelty free company and all of our bottles are recyclable.

Parents love the gentle and effective formulas, fun colors and great fragrances that are so yummy you can almost eat them. They can also read their kids the creative story (each one rhymes) on the back of each bottle while they take their baths. They are also educational and every product has a Zoo Fact for each animal on the bottle. Kids love the great smells and colorful look of our animal characters. They also love the colors of each product. The blue conditioner is so colorful it looks like hair paint. Zoo On Yoo strives to make products that are free of animal derived ingredients, environmentally friendly and loaded with great ingredients like aloe and vitamins.

We combine these factors with being fun so they will encourage kids to get clean! The shampoos and body washes are tearless and safe enough for babies but luxurious enough for the whole family. They make bath time fun! Zoo On Yoo is not just another company. It is parents (just like you) who are very passionate about their company and creating the ultimate products for you and your kids. If you ever have questions, comments, concerns or ideas we welcome you to email us at info@zooonyoo.com. Thank you for your time and business!

In addition to the all good stuff above, Zoo On Yoo is a proud supporter of several children and animal charities. Including but not limited to Save the Children, Locks of Love, The Humane Society of the US and PETA. We are also a signer of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.